High Court backs council on street racing ban

A senior judge today (Friday) approved Croydon Council’s High Court bid to ban road races and stunts on Imperial Way industrial estate, where a motorcyclist died in July.

The council successfully applied for a three-year injunction to give police greater enforcement powers over the racing, known as the Croydon Cruise.

Regularly watched by large crowds, these illegal events involve speeding cars and motorbikes doing stunts including wheelies and doughnut turns.

The council applied for the injunction following incidents that resulted in the death of motorcyclist Carl Simpson, and life-changing injuries to a 21-year-old pedestrian.

The council’s court application was supported by witness statements from several neighbouring business, which had reported the Croydon Cruises for being dangerous, encouraging antisocial behaviour, and affecting neighbouring businesses’ trade.

Waddon councillors and residents living close to the estate also added their concerns about noise and antisocial behaviour.

The ruling, by Deputy High Court Judge Karen Steyn QC, means that, from today, people who take part in the Croydon Cruise face an unlimited fine, two years in prison, or both.

Granting the injunction, the judge said:  “The claimant has made a case. Racing and stunt riding is dangerous for those actively involved in it, for those watching it, and those passing by. Car cruising also causes serious public disquiet.”

The successful injunction comes as council contractors continue to install traffic-calming road humps along three streets in the Imperial Way industrial estate to further discourage people from speeding there.

“These cruises are dangerous for everyone who uses our roads, so I’m glad the High Court has approved our injunction to make it easier for the police to take action.

“This injunction and the traffic-calming road humps we’ve been installing this week underline how this council is determined to make these roads safer for everyone who uses them.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment

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