Help plan Croydon’s sustainable future

A six-week consultation on a reviewed Croydon Local Plan is under way, providing a final opportunity for feedback before it is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate/Secretary of State.

A number of things have shaped the review, including updates to the national planning policy framework, the new London Plan and the need to provide more affordable homes, the climate emergency and consultation with local residents.

Local Plans are used to help planning decisions and act as a local guide to what can be built where, determining the future pattern of sustainable development in the borough.

Proposed changes to Croydon’s Local Plan include details on three areas for transformation – Purley Way; East Croydon Station and its surrounding area; and North End Quarter, Croydon – and how they can be developed to help deliver much-needed new homes, jobs and community facilities.

The new London Plan has a higher housing target and reviewing the Local Plan has provided an opportunity to review and suggest how and where this can be delivered in Croydon that represents good growth and respects the borough’s valued environment and character.

This stage of public consultation relates to the ‘Tests of Soundness’, which looks at whether the Plan has been positively prepared, is justified, effective and consistent with national and regional policy. The local community, businesses and other interested stakeholders have until 5pm on 17 February to comment if they feel the Plan does not meet these tests. Visit

After this final stage of consultation, the Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State in the spring for examination to determine if it’s legal and sound and therefore fit for adoption.

“We’ve reviewed our Local Plan to put Croydon in a strong position for a sustainable future that benefits all.

“Please take the time to find out about the updates and get in touch if you have any comments on the review before we submit it for examination.”

Councillor Oliver Lewis, cabinet member for culture and regeneration

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