Have your say on new measures to tackle antisocial behaviour in Croydon town centre

Croydon Council has launched a six-week consultation on a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to cover the town centre, which would use council powers to support the police to tackle antisocial behaviour.

PSPOs are used to address specific nuisances or problems, which are detrimental to local quality of life, by imposing conditions on the use of a particular area.

These orders allow councils and the police to specifically target antisocial behaviour and create safer and more welcoming environments for local residents, visitors, and businesses.

The proposed PSPO would cover the town centre and its surrounding area, including parts of South Croydon and Broad Green. This is to cover antisocial behaviour hotspots close to the town centre, preventing it moving from the town centre to nearby parks and public spaces. See a map of the proposed area here.

Proposed conditions of the new town centre PSPO include allowing the police to seize and dispose of open alcohol containers, disperse individuals causing harassment, distress or alarm, and enforcement through fines or prosecutions.

The council will work with frontline police officers to raise awareness of the new order and make a noticeable positive impact on the local area.

The consultation, which was approved by Croydon’s Executive Mayor, Jason Perry, at Cabinet earlier this month, will now run until Thursday 15 September.

Residents are asked to let the council know about their personal experiences of antisocial behaviour and alcohol related crime in central Croydon, as well as their views on how to tackle this – the consultation can be accessed online here.

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon said: “Antisocial behaviour negatively affects all of us, whether living, working or shopping in Croydon, and gives the wrong impression of our local area. I know that residents care about our town centre, which is why I am determined to restore pride in Croydon, making the most of our council powers and working closely with the police to keep residents and visitors safe.”

Superintendent Andy Brittain, Neighbourhood Policing, Croydon, said: “I welcome the decision from the Mayor to progress a new town centre Public Space Protection Order, giving our officers additional powers to address antisocial behaviour and alcohol related crime in central Croydon. PSPOs are an important instrument to deal with persistent issues that are damaging our communities and make sure our public spaces can be enjoyed free from antisocial behaviour.”

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive, Croydon BID said: “We recognise the importance of a new Public Space Protection Order for Croydon and welcome the council’s move to support the business community in dealing with antisocial behaviour in the town centre. Along with our partners, we are determined to improve the safety of all those that visit, live and work in the town centre and encourage everyone to take part in the survey so that we can deter crime together.”

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