Former hairdressers used as nightclub shut down by council

The council has obtained a three-month closure order that will save local residents from the misery of regular late-night parties that were being held at a South Norwood shop unit last used as a hair and beauty salon.

Croydon Magistrates Court granted the three-month order on 8 August following a council investigation that catalogued several months of extreme nuisance and anti-social behaviour originating from the premises. This included weekly all-night parties with music blasting throughout the local neighbourhood, disturbing local residents and disrupting sleep.

The property, at 5 Commercial Buildings, High Street, South Norwood, was let to Lance Morris, who requested an adjournment when the case was taken before the court.

The request was denied and the matter was heard as planned, with magistrates hearing how almost every weekend there would be between 100 and 200 guests at the unit from 11pm – 7am. Local residents would then have to endure disturbance throughout the night, including the nuisance of the party goers leaving the premises in the morning.

Following the hearing the council’s anti-social behaviour team and the police attended the property to ensure it was properly secured. However, further police had to be called after some 25-30 individuals tried to gain access to the unit.

Once the situation had been managed and the crowd controlled officers quickly found that the shop was being used predominantly as a nightclub. A bank of 17 large speakers were stacked along the rear wall and these were accompanied by professional DJ decks and equipment. There was also a bar set up in the corner.

Councillor David Wood, deputy cabinet member for communities, safety, and justice, said:

“The three-month closure of this premises will bring much needed respite to the local community. This unlicensed use of the property had to be stopped and I’m pleased our team took the necessary steps to ensure peace can now be brought back to the area.”

More information on dealing with anti-social behaviour can be found here.

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