Growth zone infrastructure projects to be presented to cabinet

A series of infrastructure projects that will enable Croydon’s growth zone to deliver a £5.25bn regeneration programme are set to be presented at cabinet on Monday.

The 46 town centre projects, which have been grouped into five categories: transport, public realm and culture, energy, parking and construction logistics, will enable the development and economic growth in Croydon that will lead to 23,594 new jobs, a further 5,097 jobs during the construction phase and at least 10,000 new homes for local people.

Projects that fall under transport are dedicated to the development of the tram, bus, rail, walking, cycling and roads in the town centre and include the Dingwall Loop, a scheme to facilitate an increase in tram frequency, proposed changes to the road layout at Fiveways and walking and cycling schemes.

The public realm and culture projects will see improvements and programmes for public spaces, the public realm and streets in the town centre, including meanwhile use projects, which temporarily uses a space or facility whilst paving the way for future permanent activity in that location. Some of these projects will support the council’s work on its cultural programme, for example lighting projects and a parklets scheme, which sees parking spaces become spaces for people.

Energy projects will see the development of a new district heating and power plant which would provide a more efficient energy network in the town centre.

The parking programme will assess current and future demand for parking in Croydon and will also explore how technology may be used to make parking easier. The projects aim to manage parking availability and mitigate the impact of development on demand, supply and displacement for both on and off-street parking in the town centre and the immediate surrounding areas. The work will also identify opportunities for additional parking spaces where possible.

The management of construction activity is an integral part of Croydon’s regeneration plans and this programme area will be responsible for implementing measures that minimise the impact in the town centre and on adjoining roads. Projects will aim to reduce congestion caused by construction related traffic, by working closely with developers and contractors to identify issues and co-ordinate works. HGV holding areas will also be established at various distances from the town centre, noting best practice from other regeneration programmes across the capital.

The total costs of the projects is close to £520m and is supported by a loan of £309.9m from central government and contributions from the Greater London Authority, Transport for London and the council.

Councillor Alison Butler, deputy leader and cabinet member for homes, regeneration and planning

“Croydon’s rapid growth is evident and our town is continually building on its reputation as the place to be. This wide range of exciting infrastructure projects will help ensure this growth and major development activity in the town centre is sustained to the benefit of all.”



Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment

“These projects will see the right infrastructure put in place not only to ensure seamless travel in and around the town centre as it undergoes major regeneration, but also to support our ambition of healthier, greener travel in Croydon.”

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