Growth, independence and a pleasant place to live – council sets out Croydon’s three year vision

The council has set out how it will deliver Croydon’s vision over the next three years.

The corporate plan for 2015-18 is shaped by the administration’s Ambitious for Croydon manifesto and is centred round three key areas: creating growth in the economy, helping residents be as independent as possible, and creating a pleasant place in which people want to live.

A fourth area looks at how the council will “enable” the delivery of each of these priorities.

A major part of the plan will be lobbying government for a fairer funding settlement and to take up any offer to devolve powers to councils for the benefit of residents.

It also focuses on tackling inequalities and ensuring that people in deprived areas are supported to achieve better results at school, access training and education, and new job opportunities in Croydon.

Performance indicators and targets will enable the council and residents to track progress and success in achieving the ambitions set out in the corporate plan, which will be reported back to cabinet on a regular basis.

The plan, which will be discussed at the next cabinet meeting on Monday, 13 July, is divided into the four action areas:-


The council will aspire to create a place where people and businesses want to be, where more local people can access a wider range of jobs, with decent, affordable homes for every resident who needs one.

It also promises a cultural offer to engage all communities and the opportunity for people of all ages to have access to quality schools and learning.


The plan envisages a Croydon where people from all communities live longer, healthier lives through positive lifestyle choices, and where children and vulnerable adults are protected from harm.

In addition it vows to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence where possible, with support provided to victims and perpetrators held to account.


Croydon will be a welcoming place that communities want to live in and where people feel safe, with well-being improved across all communities through sport and physical activity.


The council will act to improve people’s lives, bring fairness for all communities, people and places, and deliver digital services that meet people’s needs.


“The corporate plan sets out our priorities over the next three years for the delivery of our borough-wide Ambitious for Croydon manifesto.

“Croydon is on the brink of huge transformation socially and economically, and we want to maximise this great opportunity to ensure that all our residents benefit.

“Our vision is ensuring that no community is held back and that we create a stronger, fairer borough.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council

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