Ground art commissioned to celebrate Croydon’s places for people

The first in a series of pieces of ground art commissioned for around the borough has been installed in the town centre.

The ground based artwork was installed at the junction of High Street and Park Street and High Street and Katharine Street yesterday evening. The artwork frames either end of the pedestrianised area of the town centre, which it set to become a vibrant public space used for a range of events and performances as part of the yearlong trial.

Designed by local artist and Croydon School of Art graduate Adam Halliday, the artwork uses bold and distinctive imagery to highlight and celebrate features of the borough’s unique skyline.

Another piece of ground art is set to be installed in Dingwall Road next week, with further pieces due to be installed in and around South End at the junction with Brighton Road and on Southbridge Road. Created by designer Adam Nathaniel Furman, who was last year named a rising star in design and architecture by The Observer, the piece is inspired by his concept ‘Look Down to Look Up’, which takes specific architecture in Croydon and transforms them into fun patterns, colours and shapes.

The installations come after a piece of ground art was installed last month at a crossing close to The Crescent Primary School in Selhurst as part of a ‘Safe Steps for Schools’ pilot. Designed by global design studio Eley Kishimoto, the piece was fully funded by contractors Thames Hydroblasting, and aims to educate children to use pedestrian crossings safely through the use of fun, visual design. If the concept proves successful it will be considered for roll out near other schools in the borough.

Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed, cabinet member for economy and jobs

“These fantastic pieces of ground art will bring a lovely splash of colour to Croydon and the installation on the high street creatively bookends what will be a fantastic space for a variety of performances, cultural and civic activities being planned for the late spring.”

The ground art is part of a series of projects planned for the town centre over the coming months, which aim to brighten up areas, making them more attractive to people to use and spend time in with additional projects planned for later this month.

An interactive sensory lighting trail is set to be suspended above High Street and St George’s Walk. Designed by artist collective, Universal Assembly Unit (UAU) the lights will respond to movement underneath it and will frame the area in an eye-catching way, enabling better wayfinding to businesses and the town centre itself.

Another project will see a parking space in College Road transformed into a ‘street park’ and will see seating and planters installed as part of the council’s Meanwhile Croydon programme which aims to enhance places for people. As part of this, seating and a summer programme of activities are to be arranged in nearby College Square, a soon to be popular pathway for theatregoers travelling to and from the newly refurbished Fairfield Halls when it reopens at the end of the year. The area will be framed by two steel decorative archway structures, which will act as gateways at either end of the space.

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