Green fingered? Help others grow their own food

The cost of living, coupled with an expanding awareness of the need to eat more healthily, is fuelling enthusiasm for home-grown produce.

While there is plenty of advice to be found online and in books, nothing can beat the help and guidance of somebody who is prepared to get soil under their finger nails and offer tips based on their own experience.

As part of its Food Flagship Borough status, Croydon Council has launched a recruitment drive for volunteer Master Gardeners who are prepared to share their knowledge and help others who are, perhaps, taking their first horticultural steps.

Master Gardeners is a network of enthusiastic volunteers who are fully trained and supported by the UK’s leading organic growing charity, Garden Organic. Since 2010, Master Gardeners have been offering people and local communities free food-growing advice and support.

Anybody with gardening experience and a desire to help others is invited to sign up for a two-day induction with Garden Organic during October. They will then receive ongoing training and be asked to offer half a day per month, with support and resources from the Croydon coordinator.

Councillor Louisa Woodley, cabinet member for families, health and social care

“This is a great opportunity for keen local gardeners to help spread the word of the value of producing fruit and veg for home consumption.

“As part of Croydon’s commitment to the Heart Town project, we’re fully behind the drive to have local people eating wholesome, nutritious food and there’s no surer way of getting that than by growing it yourself. And those novice gardeners will have the added benefit of being able to turn their vegetable waste into nutrient-rich compost for the following growing season.

“There are hundreds of Master Gardeners across the country, all doing their bit to help others, and I’m sure Croydon can add to that number – and help ensure a healthier future for local people.”

Interested? Contact local coordinator Liza Scholefield to discuss the volunteer role and application email or call 07584 474778.

For more information on Croydon’s role as a Food Flagship Borough, click here.

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