Fresh plans to tackle public disorder

The Safer Croydon Partnership has bought six breathalysers to help the police crackdown on public disorder and antisocial behaviour in the town centre.

The council, police and Croydon Bid agreed the breathalysers could help to reduce drink-related violence, with clients who are clearly already drunk trying to gain entry to pubs and clubs.

The devices, trialled by police and clubs in Croydon on weekends throughout November, will be in use from this week.

Door staff at bars and clubs will ask people to blow into the device, which works on a traffic light system. Those who have too high an alcohol reading will be refused entry.

“The trial had positive results, with the police and venues supportive of the plans, which will be a good addition to measures already in place to help to keep the town centre safe.

“We aim to reduce the number of people binge drinking and preloading, which sees them getting drunk on cheap alcohol before going out for the evening.”

Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for safety and justice


Temporary Chief Inspector Peter McGarry added: “During the pilot, venues reported fewer arguments with door staff caused by intoxicated customers attempting to gain entry to their clubs. They accepted the breathalyser’s results.

“Consequently this has led to a reduction in the potential for alcohol-related disorder taking place inside their premises.”

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