Free parking bays and cheap residents’ permits set to be maintained in parking changes

The cost of residents’ parking permits and free parking bays to support residents and the local economy would be protected under indicative plans to change parking charges across Croydon.

The current fee for a first resident’s parking permit would remain and short-stay free parking bays in 11 district and local centres across the borough would be preserved under plans considered by councillors last week.


The paper went before the traffic management advisory committee and set out proposed changes to parking charges although the committee cannot make the final decision on if changes should be made.

The indicative plans suggest one hour free-parking bays in South Norwood, Thornton Heath, Purley, Coulsdon, Beulah Hill, Cherry Orchard Road, Lower Addiscombe Road, Addiscombe, Brighton Road (South Croydon), Selsdon and Old Lodge Lane (Purley) would remain.

If the changes are made residents’ parking permits will still cost £80 with an option to buy a second permit for £126. Households will no longer be able to buy new third permits although the small number of households with them would be able to renew their permits.

On-Street parking charges in the Croydon CPZ, excluding the free spaces in Lower Addiscombe Road, Cherry Orchard Road and London Road between Sumner Road and Broad Green Avenue would go up by 10p for every half hour.

On-street parking in the district CPZs would increase by the same rate and off-street parking across the borough would cost 10p per hour more.

These changes would help ensure empty parking bays are available for drivers when they are needed while also applying a fair fee across the borough.

There are proposed increases to the cost of orders needed for traffic management, including temporary orders usually used by utility companies and special event notices.

Any surplus in parking revenue accounts fund the borough’s contribution towards Freedom Passes. The Freedom Pass provides free travel for older and disabled Londoners on almost all public transport in London.

You can see more details on the proposed charges here.

“We are looking at reviewing parking fees in the borough while maintaining valued services including free parking bays in the hearts of our communities to help local businesses.

“The scheme also sets out how we could keep the cost of visitor permits and the cost of business permits low.

“Some parking charges may rise by a small amount in order to support businesses and ensure spaces are available in town centres across the borough.

“We have invested in making it easier to access the town by bike or on foot and have installed a new crossing on Wellesley Road as part of this work.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for environment, transport and regeneration

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