Free health hubs in Croydon are changing residents’ lives

Almost 2,000 residents have been helped to adopt a healthier lifestyle with the support of Croydon’s dedicated Live Well Advisors located at health hubs around the borough.

The Live Well Croydon service has been in full operation for 18 months, with 90% of those who had a health assessment from a Live Well Advisor either achieving a healthier weight, quitting smoking or being more active. For instance, three in four people (75%) who use the service have achieved a sustained six-month stop smoking goal.

The service was set up by Croydon Council with the aim to offer free support for residents to be happier and live healthier lives. The service mainly focuses on supporting residents to make healthy choices by tackling obesity, smoking and other unhealthy behaviours.

Residents who access the face-to-face service are offered continued support with an advisor for up to a year which includes regular meetings throughout this period. More than 200 people have now completed a full year, with the vast majority achieving at least one positive change to their health.

Around 800 people have reported they are now consuming the recommended five-a-day fruit and vegetable portions due to sticking with the service for at least six months.

Residents can also visit the council’s health website for tips and advice to ditch unhealthy habits and be healthier and happier at

Croydon resident Ban Shafiq, a busy young mother from New Addington, first visited a Live Well Advisor in December. She wanted support to lose weight and to talk about her emotional wellbeing as she was feeling overwhelmed with issues in her life. Ban and her advisor agreed a plan to improve her weight. They also set specific goals around her social media use as this was adversely affecting her mental health.

At her six week review, Ban had lost some weight by increasing her vegetable intake, preparing more home-cooked meals and reducing her daily sugar and chocolate consumption. She also increased her physical activity which helped to improve her mood.

“I now spend less time on my social media and more quality time with my husband and children,” says Ban. “I have also joined an exercise group in Purley, where I have made more friends. I still visit the Live Well advisor and I feel much happier to have more control over my health.”

“We are pleased to offer this free health and wellbeing service for Croydon residents. Early intervention to prevent ill-health and supporting residents to be happier and healthier are key council priorities. We are keen to make it easier for people to think about what they can do to improve their lifestyle and take action. The Live Well advisors based in community health hubs and the JustBe Croydon website are great assets for us to achieve this.”

Councillor Jane Avis, cabinet member for families, health and social care

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