Free cycle training is back!

Happy cyclists took part in the first cycle training session of the season at Croydon Arena, as the popular road safety lessons resume in the borough.

Cycle training for children and adults is offered free-of-charge as part of the council’s programme to get more people taking up the healthy activity for travel and leisure.

The courses are run by contractor Cycling Instructor with funding from Transport for London, and focus on ‘cycling for wellbeing’, with group sessions offered fortnightly.

Qualified instructors help beginners build skills and gain confidence to navigate around complex junctions, heavy traffic, and cycling at night – all while allowing them to practice in a safe environment provided by the council.

More experienced cyclists can expect to perfect their technique and refresh their skills if it’s been a while since they’ve been on a bike.

Bikeability training at schools is also being offered through the scheme, with lessons planned for many schools that have, or will soon have, trial Healthy School Street schemes.

All free training can be booked via the Cycling Instructor website, where parents and carers can also enquire about school lessons.

As part of the borough’s cycling offer, the council also takes part in local Croydon business Peddle My Wheels’ Try Before You Bike scheme, which saw massive success during the pandemic as people flocked to cycling as a Covid-safe, low-cost activity and alternative to public transport.

The scheme allows residents to trial a bike, e-bike, or cargo bike before committing to a purchase, ensuring it meets their needs. Happy owners can then pay it off in instalments, making it cost-effective and easier to take up cycling for more journeys.

To date, over 130 bikes have been delivered to cyclists through Try Before You Bike.

To learn more about cycling in Croydon, visit the council website.

Jason Perry

“Cycling is a great way to stay fit and build exercise into your day, and our free training is helping residents of all ages build their skills and confidence, so they can enjoy active travel safely. It also helps to reduce pollution if more people leave the car at home and choose to cycle instead.

“Knowing how to ride a bike properly can be the difference between making it safely to your destination, and a serious accident, so I’m really glad to see so many residents taking advantage of our free offer.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

Irene Mills, a recent cycle training participant said: “This training means a lot to us, we’re so lucky to have it, because it’s given me confidence to cycle. My consultant is happy that my lungs have improved since I’ve started to cycle”.

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