Free business school returns to Whitgift Centre this month

Croydon residents are being given the opportunity to start up their own company doing something they love at a free business school later this month.

Now in its fourth year, the PopUp Business School, which is run with the help of Croydon Council, starts on 18 November, and lasts for 10 days.

Located on the ground floor of the Whitgift Centre next to Turf Projects, the school is open to all but particularly aimed at unemployed Croydon residents who are interested in starting their own business, or who have already started but want some more assistance to make it a success.

Going against the traditional approach to starting a business and focussing on business plans and funding, PopUp Business School looks at getting people going quickly and testing their ideas to begin making money as soon as possible.

Over the 10 days attendees will be taught how to start up their own business for free, how to build their business effectively, promote their business, build a website, use social media successfully, and how to negotiate, among other good business practices.

Each of the 10 days will run between 10am and 3pm and on the Saturday after the school (30 November) there will be the opportunity to trade and start creating an income immediately.

For more information, and to sign up, visit

“The PopUp Business School is a wonderful opportunity for our residents to start earning an income doing something they’re passionate about and become financially independent, while developing business skills, for free.

“We’re really proud to help run the PopUp Business School and I would recommend anyone who is interested in starting their own business should take part in this course.”

Emma Lindsell, director of economic growth

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