Five new councillors for Croydon

Croydon Council has five new local councillors after by-elections were held in the borough.

Following the resignation of five former members of the council, voters in the wards of Kenley, Woodside, New Addington North, South Norwood and Park Hill & Whitgift went to the polls on Thursday to elect a new councillor.

The count was held on Saturday, and the following candidates were elected after receiving the most votes in their respective by-elections:

New Addington North ward – Kola Agboola (Labour). Voter turnout was 35.2%.

Woodside ward – Michael Bonello (Labour). Voter turnout was 40.9%.

Kenley ward – Ola Kolade (Conservative). Voter turnout was 47.1%.

South Norwood ward – Louis Carserides (Labour). Voter turnout was 40.2%.

Park Hill & Whitgift ward – Jade Appleton (Conservative). Voter turnout was 53.3%.

For more information on these by-election results, including a breakdown of votes per candidate, visit the council website.

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