First phase of East Croydon improvements complete

The first phase of major improvements to the area around East Croydon station has been completed.

The works, which began last spring, have put in place new paving on George Street from Wellesley Road to the station and the carriageway has been resurfaced.

There are also new planters at the George Street and Wellesley Road junction.

The area around the station has been made more attractive and accessible to pedestrians, with new cladded seating on the tram platform.

The works have included:-

•        4,800 sq m of new pavements
•        4,000 sq m of resurfaced carriageway
•        2,100 new shrubs, hedges and plants
•        12 new trees
•        6 new benches

The second phase of works, which starts later in the year, will refurbish the bus station at East Croydon Interchange with new paving, planting and improved lighting.

It will ensure easier connections from train to bus and tram, with better links between eastbound and westbound bus stops.

The £5.4m project to improve East Croydon is a collaborative effort between the Mayor of London, TfL, Network Rail and Croydon Council as part of the Connected Croydon programme which aims to improve Croydon’s streets, squares and open spaces.

“East Croydon is for most visitors to Croydon the entry point to the town centre, with around two million passing through the station each year.

“As Croydon’s regeneration rapidly moves forward, and more and more people visit, we have to ensure that this major transport hub is a welcoming, attractive and accessible place.

“I’m delighted that this first phase has been completed on time, and I thank everyone for their patience during these works. The next phase will now concentrate on the other side of East Croydon, and deliver high quality improvements to the area in and around the bus station.”

Councillor Alison Butler, deputy leader and cabinet member for homes, regeneration and planning

The Mayor of London has invested £1m in this scheme through his Regeneration Fund.

Sir Edward Lister, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Policy said: “The Mayor and council are working hard to breathe new life and vitality into Croydon so it is vital that the area around the station is welcoming and attractive and reflects the upsurge in confidence in the town. This is just one of a number of projects that we are working on as we regenerate Croydon to make it a major driver of our economy.”

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