Director of public health urges Croydon residents to keep safe over Covid-19

The council’s director of public health is calling on borough residents to continue following government rules on social distancing and hygiene to avoid Covid-19 spreading further.

Over the weekend, The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) expressed concern some people were not following social distancing rules, increasing the risk of infection levels widening.

Rachel Flowers, Croydon’s director of public health, and a member of ADPH, said: “Lockdown restrictions may be easing, but I cannot stress enough how the situation is still very dangerous. This communicable disease is still in England in large numbers and although Croydon’s Covid-19 infection rate may be reducing, this is about saving lives. Everyone must keep following the rules to the letter and not to their own interpretation of them.

“Croydon is a big borough with a big population, so everyone needs to play their part in social distancing, handwashing and other measures to protect themselves and those close to them. As far as coronavirus goes, we’re far from being out of the woods yet. Everyone has done so well, but now is not the time to be complacent.”

The government’s gradual easing of lockdown has led to a partial lifting of restrictions in England as long as social distancing and hygiene measures continue to be observed. As of 1 June, this now includes primary schools partially reopening for pupils in Reception, Years 1 and 6, car showrooms and outdoor markets being allowed to reopen, and individuals can meet up to five other people from different households in a garden or park.

Government guidance on staying alert means:

• Stay at home as much as possible
• Work from home if you can
• Limit contact with other people
• Keep your distance if you go out (two metres apart where possible)
• Wash your hands regularly
• Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.

Calling for a renewed push on handwashing and social distancing, ADPH also wants the government to delay further lifting of restrictions until there is greater clarity on infection rates and the track and trace system is more developed.

For government guidance on staying safe during Covid-19, including on what to do if you have coronavirus symptoms, cleanliness, avoiding crowds, and home working, visit the website.

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