Digital boost for your health

New digital health hubs have been set up around Croydon for a limited period to help more residents access the advice and support available to them on the healthy living website

Anyone can pop in to the hubs, where an adviser from the council’s lifestyle service, Live Well Croydon, will guide them through the website via computers in the building. Alternatively, visitors can take their own mobile devices and go through the website with an adviser.

The digital health hubs are open to residents until Friday 30 June, and the locations and times can be found on the council website. Live Well advisers are also out and about informing residents where the hubs can be found.

Hundreds of people in the borough are already using the JustBe Croydon website to get fitter and feel happier and healthier.

The website offers advice on matters such as giving up smoking, being more active, eating more healthily, drinking less alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight, and looking after sexual well-being. It also has a health MoT quiz for users to complete, the results of which should kick-start a journey to better health.

As part of the council’s wider Go On Croydon programme to improve residents’ basic digital skills, there is a range of open-access facilities across the borough. These are friendly, social spaces – such as libraries, charities and community centres – where people can get support using computers, mobile phones, tablets or other devices. The details of these can be found at Go On Croydon.

Rachel Flowers, Croydon’s director of public health, said: “The council is doing everything it can to help our residents to easily access online services. We appreciate that not everyone is confident with computers, which is why we’ve set up more digital hubs during May and June.

“JustBe Croydon is an interactive arena where, rather than being told what to do about health issues, people can explore a range of ways to look after themselves and be supported in their actions.

“We want to treat you like adults; you know what is more likely to work for you, and we’re offering the online advice for you to meet your goals.”

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