Cycle heroes: Fancy being a hero?

Have you ever thought about commuting by bicycle? Considered how it might revolutionise your life in London, save you money, or answer all your transport dilemmas? Or maybe just let you relive the wonderful sense of freedom and adventure you experienced as a child?

Well, now is your chance to try. For free!

We’ve teamed up with local bicycle suppliers and are looking for 20 Cycle Heroes for this spring to ride the bikes and spread the word about our Cycle Heroes campaign.

All we ask is that you either live or work in the borough of Croydon, ride the bike at least once a week for at least two months, and blog or tweet about it once a week, ideally with pictures. At the end of the loan period, you have the chance to buy the bicycle at a reduced price, with locks and lights included.

We’ll send you gentle reminders during the two months and make it as easy as possible for you, including FREE cycle training, to enjoy the freedom and fun of your bike!

The campaign is part of the council’s and Transport for London’s drive to increase the number of cyclists in the borough, helping individuals to become fitter and our roads quieter and less polluted.

Either way, email us at In return for a few questions about your commuting needs, you could start enjoying a two-wheeled life!


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