#CroydonTogether: thank you campaign met with huge response

Our #CroydonTogether campaign to recognise and thank all those supporting their community during the Covid-19 pandemic has received a warm welcome in its first week.

Residents and organisations across the borough have taken to social media to share their inspiring stories and pictures of how they are helping – or to thank others for their work – using the campaign hashtag #CroydonTogether.

From notes of thanks left for Croydon’s bin men on their rounds; to shout-outs for staff in the NHS; rainbows in windows and flowers in gardens, @YourCroydon has been inundated with expressions of gratitude and respect for those on the frontline.

Those included Lorna White and Nierale Patel from South Norwood Primary School, part of The Pioneer Academy, who are among the many teachers and school staff providing essential care for key worker families.

Melody Berthoud, headteacher at South Norwood Primary School, said “I am really proud of all the staff of South Norwood Primary School who are continuing to be committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all our students at home or in the hub at Broadmead School.”

Businesses in Croydon also came in for special thanks – including Mr Fox and Surrey Street Market traders, who have teamed up to deliver meals for NHS workers.

And local artists from Scene in Croydon helped to brighten up everyone’s days indoors by sketching some of Croydon’s most popular landmarks and launching the #ColourCroydon competition.

Artist Samantha Warren said “While we’re cooped up in doors, I wanted to remind everyone of what is still out there – people in the area are very proud of Croydon, I thought after winning London Borough of Culture 2023, we would want to keep that enthusiasm alive.”

Launched last week, #CroydonTogether aims to highlight the many ways people across the borough are coming together to help others and make a difference.

Whether a teacher; a council worker supporting children or the elderly, collecting bins or cleaning streets; a community volunteer – or simply, a being good friend or neighbour – we want to hear from you.

We have been sharing our pictures and stories with you on our social media channels and we want you to do the same. Use the #CroydonTogether hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – and tag in @YourCroydon so we can show our support and appreciation for all that you do.

“As always Croydon stands shoulder-to-shoulder in the face of adversity and #CroydonTogether is a fantastic expression of this solidarity. So many people are contributing to this colossal community effort – whether that’s by providing vital public services, or a little light relief in these troubled times. During social distancing, our campaign is a way we can shine a light on the wonderful work going on and express our gratitude to those going the extra mile. Please do continue to share your stories with #CroydonTogether – I hope the campaign will encourage all of you as much as it has me.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council


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