Croydon’s Fairtrade agreement renewed

The council has formally renewed its pledge to promote ethical trade by updating its commitment to being a Fairtrade borough.

The Fairtrade movement works around the world to support farmers and traders, tackle poverty and environmental damage, and secure more sustainable livelihoods.

At this month’s Full Council meeting on 7 October, a cross-party motion was agreed to renew the council’s certified status as a Fairtrade borough, which Croydon has held for the past 25 years as the first local authority to sign up.

Being a Fairtrade borough means the council has pledged to boost awareness of the Fairtrade movement and promote ethically-traded products in the borough. This has included using the council’s own procurement process to provide Fairtrade products in schools, the clocktower café and Fairfield Halls.

Councillor Clive Fraser, the council’s Fairtrade Champion, said: “I am delighted we had cross-party support at our Full Council meeting for this important issue, and renewing the borough’s Fairtrade commitment means Croydon will continue to back ethically and sustainably-sourced products around the world.”

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