Croydon’s digital library service

With more and more people accessing information digitally Croydon’s library service now offers a huge range of online resources that could save its members hundreds of pounds a year.

Thousands of books, magazines and newspapers are now available as fully searchable digital editions that can be accessed on phones, tablets or PCs. And for those readers who perhaps spend a lot of time in the car or have difficulty reading there are audio-book versions that can easily be borrowed.

Graphic novels and comics are proving increasingly popular, and for those studying there is a huge catalogue of online reference material including encyclopaedias from Britannica and the full range of biographies and dictionaries from Oxford University Press.

Family tree research can cost researchers well over £100 a year in search subscriptions, however membership of Croydon libraries allows unlimited free searches to be carried out.

The library also has comprehensive and up-to-date access to legal advice guides for individuals and businesses, helpful driving theory test software, guides for jobseekers, and access to a training system that helps prepare people for the UK Citizenship test.   

Cllr-Godfrey“Croydon has well over a third of a million physical books available to loan and our aim is to double what we spend on books and digital subscriptions over the next few years to give Croydon residents easy access to a huge wealth of content that would cost them a significant amount of money if they tried to tap into it privately at home. It’s so easy to get a library card and I’d encourage everyone to sign up and see how libraries are changing and improving to meet the needs of the information age.”

Councillor Timothy Godfrey, cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport

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