Croydon’s commissioning process revitalised to benefit all

A refreshed approach to the way the council commissions services is set to bring significant benefits to Croydon residents and businesses.

Councillors formally approved plans – at yesterday’s full council meeting – to adopt a more ethical and sustainable commissioning and procurement process, which requires those working with the council to do so in line with its values and priorities.

Changes have been made to key policies to ensure over the next four years the council uses its purchasing power to maximise social value, boost local employment, promote fair pay and encourage growth of local businesses.

The Commissioning Framework which ensures all areas of the council adopt a consistent approach to the commissioning of services, has been refreshed and now outlines a commitment to six principles including sustainable and ethical commissioning by buying local; insourcing where appropriate; supporting smaller suppliers; encouraging voluntary sector organisations to bid for council contracts and continued commitment to paying the London Living Wage.

The council is already recognised as an exemplar in achieving social value, to make the borough a better place to live and work, when council funds are being spent. This is done by making sure local people benefit from the council’s spend through the creation of new jobs and ensuring companies invest in the local community.

This has now been formalised for the first time through the publishing of the council’s social value policy which clearly defines the importance of social value to the borough and builds on Croydon’s previous success. As part of the new policy more quotes must be requested from local suppliers, there is a new mandate which sets social value at a minimum of 10% and a report on social value is set to be produced annually.

Revisions have also been made to the Tenders and Contracts Regulations which has seen changes in the buying practices for spend up to £100k, enabling the council to give local suppliers the opportunity to quote for works to this value.

“The council is a trailblazer in commissioning, procurement and contract management practice. This new approach builds on the excellent work that we’ve already undertaken, including successful insourcing.  It puts ethical behaviour and social value at the heart of our practice.  This will improve the delivery of council services for local residents, as well as boosting opportunities for businesses, further strengthening Croydon’s economy.”

Councillor Simon Hall, cabinet member for finance and resources

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