Croydon tenants and leaseholders to set the bar for repairs customer service

Croydon Council is encouraging its tenants and leaseholders to get involved in setting clear customer service standards for their new housing repairs contract.

Residents have recently been scrutinising proposals for a new and improved repairs service, with the council finding out what is important to tenants and leaseholders through surveys, roadshows and focus groups.

Their input has helped produce a draft set of customer service standards, which potential providers must demonstrate they will meet if successfully appointed.

The proposed standards cover expected service levels for reporting repairs, flexible appointments, thorough follow-up, a transparent complaints procedure and better support for vulnerable residents.

They also set out how the new contract will support wider council priorities – working in an environmentally friendly way, supporting community initiatives, and providing employment and training opportunities to Croydon residents.

Tenants and leaseholders are now asked to fill out a short survey and share their views on these standards.

The quick five-minute survey is open online until 10 August 2022. Residents can also call 07881 677489 if they require a paper copy of the standards and survey or prefer to give feedback over the phone.

The council is also looking for a broad range of tenants and leaseholders to work with to find a new housing repairs provider. This would involve reviewing bids from providers and contract monitoring.

There are many ways to get involved, from simple surveys to face-to-face or online meetings. Tenants and leaseholders are asked to register their interest by getting in touch via or calling 07881 677489.

The council continues to work closely with its current provider, Axis, to make sure residents receive a high standard of responsive repairs until their contract ends in summer 2023. Both parties are committed to continuing to raise standards and put residents at the heart of the housing repairs service.

Jason Perry

“We have been listening to tenants and leaseholders to make sure they are directly involved in shaping our new repairs contract, which provides an important opportunity to make necessary changes to put residents at the heart of our housing service.

“Building on our recently adopted and evolving Residents’ Charter, setting out clear expectations for our duties to tenants and the respectful and empathetic service they deserve, we are developing explicit customer service standards for any new repairs provider. These will make sure we have an efficient and accountable repairs service which works for residents and gives back to local communities.

“We still have a way to go in making improvements and providing a housing service that Croydon can be proud of, but I am confident that the work we are doing with residents is steering us in the right direction. I would encourage any interested tenants and leaseholders to keep getting involved as we work to get the most out of our current contract and restore confidence in the council’s role as a landlord.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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