Croydon Talks Parks’ survey seeks park users opinions

A new survey of Croydon’s park users has been launched to bring the council’s ambitious plans a step closer for securing and improving the borough’s green spaces.

Entitled ‘Croydon Talks Parks’, the survey is launched this week and aims to find the main reasons why people value parks and what they want to see improved.

It gives residents the chance to paint a detailed picture of how they use parks and what changes they would like to see made in how they are managed and run.
Questions cover issues such as community events and festivals, sports facilities, nature conservation, and volunteering.

Responses will be analysed and built into the council’s ‘ambitious for parks’ programme, which is looking at a wide range of options for the future of Croydon’s green public spaces.

Cllr-Godfrey“This is the next phase in our manifesto commitment to securing our valuable parks for generations to come. We are determined to maintain standards and bring about real improvements despite the financial challenges we are faced with right now. That’s why we’re looking for sustainable ways to fund investment alongside opportunities for getting local people more involved.”

Councillor Timothy Godfrey, cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport

Responses are invited from individuals, groups, volunteers, allotment users, community networks, businesses and anyone else who has an interest in Croydon’s parks.

People have until the 31 October to contribute their ideas and the results will be published by the end of the year.

To complete the survey visit

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