Croydon shows strong GCSE results against a national decline

Provisional GCSE results for Croydon schools are showing pupils have held their ground against the reported fall in national results.

Based on A*-C grades in combined English and maths, the borough’s schools look set to match 2015’s average. This is set against a national decline using this measure.

Students have also shown better-than-expected progress based on their attainment in year 8. With almost all of the borough’s schools having released their data, all but one have shown significantly higher grades than they had been hoping for.

The percentage of pupils achieving the top A*/A grades is also likely to be above the national average.

“What stands out in this year’s Croydon GCSE results is that the quality of teaching has helped pupils improve academically during their time at secondary school. The figures also clearly demonstrate how able pupils continue to do well in Croydon schools.

“Set against what looks like a national decline in standards Croydon’s education system is proving it can buck the trend. And for the first time we have also seen improvements at every stage from early years through key stages one to four. Key stage five is holding level, and student performance in vocational subjects continues to be exceptionally strong.

“As a council, over the last few years, we have committed a huge amount of money to building new schools and classrooms so that everyone has a place. We’ve also worked closely with schools and academies to help them raise standards. This has clearly paid off.”

Councillor Alisa Flemming, cabinet member for children, young people and learning

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