Croydon residents urged to boost winter immunity with vaccines

Residents in Croydon are being urged to get their flu and Covid-19 booster vaccinations as soon as they are offered, to boost their immunity this winter.
As winter approaches, it’s more important than ever to play your part in protecting yourself and those around you. Both flu and Covid-19 can be life threatening and are spread more easily in winter, when we are all crowded together inside.
Most adults and children will be eligible for a flu jab and many will be eligible for a Covid booster as well.
This year, it is especially important to get your flu vaccine. This is because fewer people have built up immunity to flu due to measures put in place for Covid-19 in 2020, such as lockdowns, mask-wearing and physical and social distancing.
Out of the total Croydon population, 244,465 people are eligible for a flu vaccination. As of 8 October 2021 at least 23,486 of these have already been vaccinated – an uptake rate of 5.5%. Most people in Croydon – 301,038 people – have had two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.
The flu jab is free for people who need it most as it protects them, their family and friends, and vulnerable people in the community.
Frontline health and social care workers are entitled to a free flu vaccine and can find out how to claim this on the NHS website.
Matthew Kershaw, chief executive and place based leader for health in Croydon, said: “Our public services and key workers have shown incredible resilience in caring for our community during the pandemic. Getting vaccinated is now the best way we can help to keep people well and protected from Covid-19 and flu this winter.
“These viruses will spread more easily when we are crowded together inside when the weather gets cold. We would encourage everyone in eligible groups to get their flu jab and Covid-19 booster when offered to help them enjoy winter and prevent them from getting sick.”
Rachel Flowers, director of public health, said: “I would urge those eligible for the free flu vaccine and Covid-19 booster jab to book their appointments as soon as possible to help people give themselves and their loved ones the best possible protection this winter.
“Not many people got flu last year because of Covid-19 restrictions, so there isn’t as much natural immunity in our communities as usual and for the first time we will have Covid-19 and flu ‘co-circulating’. Both these viruses are serious, which is why it is really important that people get their vaccines as soon as they can.”

“This year, it is more important than ever to get vaccinated. It’s the most effective way to boost our natural immunity and protect ourselves, helping ensure all our residents in Croydon stay fit and healthy. I want to encourage those who are most vulnerable to both flu and Covid-19 to get the vaccinations they need. If you haven’t had any doses of the vaccine yet and have changed your mind, it’s not too late. You can book your vaccine on the NHS website, turn up to a walk-in clinic, or contact your GP.”
Councillor Janet Campbell, cabinet member for families, health and social care
People in need of help and support for health concerns should contact their GP, local pharmacy or by calling NHS 111 in the first instance.
Find out more about free NHS vaccines routinely offered to everyone and the ages at which they should ideally be given at

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