Croydon is making the switch to greener travel easier

Croydon Council is set to meet its ambitious target of 400 new electric vehicle charging points by spring 2022 – with 154 charging points installed and a further 94 nearing completion.

When the remaining points are installed in April, Croydon will have exceeded its goal, reaching a total of 435 charging points.

Part of Croydon’s plans to boost sustainable travel in response to the climate crisis, the move follows the council’s first Carbon Neutral Action Plan, setting out a strategy to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

The charging points will be spread across 51 different sites in the borough. Specific locations and addresses can be found on the council website.

These points come in partnership with charge point operators as part of wider schemes supported by central government grants. Over 200 of Croydon’s charge points are from Liberty Charge, through an Innovate UK grant which will see 600 points installed across London by the end of this month.

Forty of Croydon’s new charging points are funded by London’s Go Ultra Low City grant, with Transport for London, and operated by, who have installed 400 more charge points in London in the last year.

Local interest in electric vehicle charge points has risen significantly in recent months, with many residents and cab drivers contacting the council to request charging points in their neighbourhoods to help make the switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle.

In the past four months these two providers doubled the number of charging points and charging capacity near people’s homes in the borough. They reported 70,550 kWh of charging from points in Croydon during this time. This equates to 247,000 zero emission miles, and savings of 35 tonnes of CO2 compared to an average petrol car.

The council itself has four fully electric and 24 hybrid vehicles in its service fleet, and continues to explore the potential to expand use of electric vehicles wherever possible. Currently, the council’s care-taking service use a fully electric van to do vital tasks, such as removing unsafe, fly-tipped materials from council property.

This charging point scheme is part of the council’s plans to provide the necessary infrastructure to enable the transition to zero emission vehicles and tackle the climate crisis. New cycle routes, public transport improvements, and healthy street schemes are also being implemented to help Croydon meet its sustainable travel goals.

“Providing the necessary charging infrastructure to help make electric vehicles a more attractive option for our residents is a key part of our plan to tackle the twin challenge of climate emergency and air pollution. Installation of 400 charging points is testament to our partners in the private sector who have stepped up to help Croydon achieve its target and put us on track to meet the growing demand in the borough. We look forward to working with partners in the private sector to explore even more opportunities to bring green innovation to Croydon.”

Councillor Muhammad Ali, cabinet member for sustainable Croydon

Richard Stobart, CEO, said:  “ is pleased provide these on-street chargers to help deliver a key part of Croydon Council’s clean transport strategy. Making charging easy and affordable for residents without driveways removes a significant fear that holds many drivers back from choosing an EV. By using the spare electrical capacity from nearby lampposts, we’re able to install these close to the homes of residents who need them.

“Thinking of the carbon neutrality goal, this is also a good way of integrating electric cars with a more renewable energy-based grid. When people can charge on their doorstep, they tend to do more overnight charging. That’s when the grid is generally at its greenest with a high proportion of renewable energy.”

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