Croydon helps 200 rough sleepers off the streets

Croydon’s drug and alcohol recovery network, Turning Point has helped 200 vulnerable people off the streets in the past two years.

The network, which is commissioned by the council, has provided intensive one-to-one support to those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction in the borough, building trust and directing them to a wide range of services.

One person helped is Oliver, a former homeless offender and gang member, with a long history of alcohol and drug addiction.

He lived on the streets, feared for his safety, and struggled to remain in a supportive environment.

Oliver was often abusive when drunk or high, and fear that he might commit domestic abuse led to a split from his partner and two children, which depressed him.

At this low point he met Turning Point, who helped him seek health checks and gave him support to secure housing, employment and education.

He was also assessed by the council’s substance misuse team, who helped him seek a council-funded placement at the Bournemouth rehabilitation centre. Street Scene.

After six months at the centre they gave him further support to integrate back into the community.

This was a challenge for Oliver; who often met staff while drunk, high on drugs, or in crisis. It took several attempts to convince him he needed help, but he eventually abstained.

Now settled by the coast, and seeking work, he said: “Turning Point supported me when I was at rock bottom. They did not close the door on me and my troubled drug-using mind, which struggled to accept their help.

“Every part of my life has now changed for the better. The team helped me keep in touch with my family and to gain the strength and courage to move forward.

“I see the change in myself, and will tell anyone who is struggling – and will listen – this team will work with you, at your pace, and provides support when there is no one else.”

Councillor Hamida Ali, cabinet member for safer Croydon and communities

“Turning Point has achieved incredible work in the borough supporting people in the most difficult circumstances – to help 200 people off the street is a great achievement.

“There are still many people needing support and I would encourage anyone struggling with substance or alcohol misuse to seek their help.”

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