Croydon acts now for a sustainable future

Croydon Council is taking immediate action to meet its significant financial challenges and secure a sustainable future for the borough.

Cabinet members are set to consider a report on Monday asking officers to urgently develop Croydon’s renewal plan, which would be submitted to central government asking for its support.

Like many local authorities, Croydon Council has been badly affected by the financial consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the increased costs and loss of income that has created. This is on top of a decade of funding decreases from central government.

The council has already taken significant steps to reduce its costs, but the scale of its financial challenge means further immediate action is required. Working with the government on a financial support package would allow Croydon to implement a plan over the next two to three years to transition the council into a more financially sustainable and resilient position.

The plan will set out changes to the whole organisation of the council, putting it on a stronger footing for the future. It will include phased and managed reductions in services to deliver significant savings over next three years and bridge its budget gap.

This will give the council time and space, amid the continuing difficult financial climate to make fundamental changes to the organisation, increase reserves and deliver a resilient and sustainable budget for the future.

The council is committed to working with residents, staff, local business and partners to help shape its future and determine what services are a priority for the borough.

“Croydon’s plan will set out how we are taking swift and decisive action to protect priority services for our residents. Our borough is facing significant financial challenges following its 24/7 response to the Covid-19 pandemic, on top of a decade of funding decreases. We need to change the way we do things now to ensure we can continue to deliver the services on which local people depend, particularly our most vulnerable residents.

“This is hugely important for Croydon and I am calling on everyone to work together to make this happen. We want our staff, residents and partners at the heart of this process and we will be listening to them throughout so that together we create a council that meets local needs in a way that is sustainable for the future.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council

If you want to help shape Croydon’s future, send your views to:

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