Council to further expand scheme to boost walking and cycling

Four more Croydon streets will become safer, greener, quieter and more cycle-friendly when the next phase of the borough’s Streetspace scheme launches on 28 September.

Croydon Council will use planters and signs to transform four more streets into places to walk, cycle and exercise while maintaining car access for their residents.

The scheme, which the council developed using suggestions from local residents, aims to reduce the number of cars cutting between Mitcham Road and London Road, and covers Derby Road, Handcroft Road, Mead Place and Parsons Mead.

Broad Green’s new Low Traffic Neighbourhood is part of the council’s Streetspace programme, which is funded by Transport for London (TfL) and is a response to legislation from central government allowing local councils to put in place measures that encourage walking and cycling. The council’s latest Broad Green initiative, introduced under a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order, follows similar schemes and brings the borough total to 20.

Ahead of these changes, the council informed around 1,900 residents, businesses, community groups, local representatives and emergency services, and installed advance warning road signs. Exemptions will be in place for permit holders and emergency vehicles.

The changes for each of the affected new streets are:

  • Derby Road will be closed to through traffic using planters at the junction with Parsons Mead. New double yellow lines will ensure parked vehicles do not obstruct turning vehicles.
  • Mead Place: The current one-way direction will be reversed at the junction with Parsons Mead to limit traffic exiting onto London Road.
  • Parsons Mead: At the junction with Gardeners Road, traffic will be restricted to those with permits and emergency vehicles, and this will be monitored through special ANPR cameras.
  • Handcroft Road: Will be made one-way northbound, with vehicles exiting on London Road. This will prevent through traffic using Handcroft Road to bypass the London Road. There will be better access for cyclists through a new southbound cycle lane.

As with other Streetspace schemes, the council welcomes ongoing feedback and will take this into account when deciding whether the scheme should be made permanent, amended or removed. A formal consultation will be carried out on any proposals to make the scheme permanent.

Councillor Muhammad Ali, Croydon Council’s deputy cabinet lead for transport and the environment and also a Broad Green ward councillor, said: “Data from TfL has found that more than half a million daily Croydon car journeys could be taken on foot or by bicycle, so unlocking this potential could have massive benefits for our residents’ health. During Covid-19, helping families stay fit and healthy is more important now than ever.

“We recognise that not all trips can be made on a bicycle. If successful, this scheme would actually see a reduction in traffic, making it easier to drive in the area for those that need to, as people feel increasingly empowered to leave the car at home more often. In Derby Road alone there have been several collisions in recent years, so cutting through traffic will make these roads quieter and safer.”

For more information, visit the council website.

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