Council tax and business rates collection figures at a record high

Collection rates of council tax and business rates in Croydon have hit record levels, with the council’s income team bringing in almost an extra £12 million last year.

Some £180m of council tax was collected in 2016/17 meaning the in-year collection rate is 96.85 per cent, the highest ever achieved by the council and an increase of 0.4 per cent on the previous year. This adds another £750,000 that goes directly to delivering vital local services.

The collection figures only include money brought in up until 31 March. The council continues to pursue any outstanding balances where accounts are in arrears.

For business rates the collection are even better, with an in-year collection rate of 99.1%, again the highest ever achieved, bringing in an additional 1.4 per cent, amounting to a total of almost £116m.

“Our staff have done a great job ensuring the vast majority of the money owed to the council has been collected. Croydon is a huge borough with far more challenges than some of our smaller neighbours, so this is no mean feat. At the same time our Gateway Services team work incredibly hard to ensure people receive all of the support they are entitled to.

This shows how this council is ensuring efficiency and excellent financial management so we can deliver the services that make such a difference to residents’ lives.”


Councillor Simon Hall, cabinet member for finance and treasury

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