Council set to tackle anti-social behaviour in Croydon town centre

Croydon Council is set to consult on a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to cover the town centre and provide police with additional powers to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The council and police will use the PSPO to work towards a safer and more welcoming town centre for residents, visitors, and local businesses by addressing anti-social behaviour and alcohol related crime in central Croydon.

Following consideration at Cabinet next week, the council will trigger a six-week public consultation on the introduction of the order.

The PSPO could grant police the power to seize and dispose of open alcohol containers and disperse individuals causing harassment, distress, or alarm. It would also allow for enforcement through fines or prosecutions. If implemented, the council will work with frontline police officers to raise awareness of their powers under the order and maximise its impact.

Croydon’s previous town centre PSPO was allowed to lapse. However recent analysis by The Safer Croydon Partnership – made up of the council, police, fire brigade, probation and health services – shows this area accounts for 16% of all crime in the borough.

Croydon’s Executive Mayor Jason Perry is currently working closely with the Partnership to consider whether further PSPOs may be effective elsewhere in the borough, including a proposed order to cover New Addington.

Jason Perry

“Croydon’s residents, visitors, and local businesses must feel safe and welcome in our town centre, which remains the heart of the borough. There is no room for anti-social behaviour in Croydon and I am pleased we can help our high streets thrive by supporting the police to deter this behaviour. I am working closely with the police and all our local partners to make sure our communities feel safe in their local area, and restore pride in our high streets, by starting with the visible effects of crime – tackling anti-social behaviour, removing graffiti, and cleaning up our streets.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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