Council progress on residents’ housing improvements

Croydon has started a series of high-rise block inspections and done thousands of additional repairs under its plan to give all council residents a better housing service.
Croydon is making headway on a series of urgent and long-term actions so all council residents get a decent home, good customer service and feel listened to.
Immediate actions have seen over 2,500 additional repairs across the borough since April, officers have met over 200 Regina Road residents face-to-face to discuss any concerns they have, and the council has found new homes for households in urgent need.
Croydon has brought in surveyors who have begun a programme of detailed inspections at all 26 council high-rises across the borough. This will help the council plan future upgrades to residents’ homes.
This month Croydon staff also began dozens of doorstep visits to listen to the housing experiences of thousands of council tenants at around 40 blocks across the borough.
Other short-term housing improvement plan progress has included fire safety checks at individual flats and recruiting to key council posts. The plan was created in response to recommendations from external consultancy ARK on improving the service.
Wider council actions include staff training on customer service; faster repairs through making better use of data; and a new housing improvement board due to launch in September to examine Croydon’s progress on the plan.
Meeting every two months, this new board will make recommendations to cabinet. The council is inviting tenants interested in being on the board to get in touch. For more information or to apply to join, email:

“We’re determined to make a positive difference to the service we give all our council residents. We’re already making progress on these housing improvements but we know there is a lot we have planned for the months ahead.
“We’re working as quickly as we can to make the improvements needed, and I’d ask residents to please bear with us.
“Giving tenants a voice is essential to making this work, and our new board will bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to monitor our progress. If you are a council tenant and want to get involved, please get in touch.”
Councillor Patricia Hay-Justice, cabinet member for homes
The board and the improvement plan were discussed at cabinet on 26 July. For more information, visit the council website.

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