Council and national charity team up against homelessness

Croydon Council will tomorrow jointly host a major event with national charity Crisis on how to improve support for homeless people.

Have Your Say: A Plan To End Homelessness is a round table event bringing together representatives from dozens of organisations that have a role in tackling the problem, from Croydon Council officers and civil servants to academics and business groups.

The event at the Croydon Park Hotel is one of four nationwide that Crisis is holding to consult the public, private and charitable sectors on how best to support homeless people. This event focuses on those with complex needs, such as poor mental health, criminal convictions or a history of substance abuse.

The event will discuss developing the homelessness prevention approach called Housing First, which has been used in countries like Finland to give rough sleepers accommodation first and then identifies how to provide the support that helps them stay there.

Recommendations arising from the event will form part of a Crisis policy submission to the Government next year.

“Homelessness is a huge issue, especially here in London, so it’s important the council is involved in initiatives like this to help some of society’s most vulnerable people.”

Councillor Alison Butler, deputy leader and cabinet member for homes, regeneration and planning

Maeve McGoldrick, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Crisis, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Croydon Council on the second phase of our plan to end homelessness consultation. If we’re to really put an end to homelessness once and for all, local authorities like Croydon have a huge part to play in coming up with the solutions that will make a real difference on the ground.”



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