Council launches electric van hire

Croydon Council is urging local firms to lease a cut-price electric van as part of a push to improve the borough’s air quality.

From October 2017 until 2020, companies in the borough can lease a 100% electric van for up to a year. The hire costs £143.47 per month – £200 cheaper than on the open market – and this includes vehicle maintenance, roadside recovery and replacement, as well as driver training.

The scheme is aimed at companies in Croydon and Sutton whose employees use vans most days. These electric vehicles are exempt from the Congestion Charge in central London, cost as little as 2p per mile to run and can each hold a 770kg load.

The van’s battery can be recharged at around 40 public points in 24 locations across the borough, including several along Purley Way, one in Addiscombe and at supermarkets and 10 council car parks, plus four rapid charge points at IKEA Croydon. A single battery charge lasts 80 miles.

Known as the Croydon Sutton Electric Freight scheme (CSEF), the discounted leases are available for six months or a year on four vans for businesses in Croydon and Sutton through a grant from the government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles. This scheme is part of a £13m programme called Go Ultra Low City that is administered by Transport for London and London Councils. This programme includes five other projects beside CSEF, such as charging points for residential streets and for car clubs plus rapid charging points, of which the next three Croydon locations are due to be confirmed by the new year.

“Petrol and diesel vans contribute hugely to London’s air pollution, so this scheme is about giving businesses a practical alternative.

“As well as being better for the environment, electric vehicles are quieter and cheaper to run, so I would urge firms to give them a try, especially as the number of Croydon charging points is growing.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for transport and environment

The first vans will be on the road this autumn, and passed on every six or 12 months after that until 2020. CSEF also hopes to offer large trucks in future. Go Ultra Low has created a map of electric vehicle charging points.

For more information, contact Peter McDonald at Croydon Council on 020 8726 6000 (extension 62765) or email:


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