Council closes flat of antisocial tenant

Residents who had to endure months of drug-related activity, antisocial behaviour and vandalism have seen the flat at the centre of the disturbances closed for three months.

On Wednesday (14), the council’s antisocial behaviour team obtained a premises closure order against 29 Croydon Grove.

Croydon magistrates heard that the lives of neighbours in the small block of flats had been blighted by the behaviour – including criminal damage and urinating in communal areas – of the tenant and visitors to the flat.

Several attempts had been made to engage with the tenant over a prolonged period of time in an attempt to prevent further nuisance being caused to the block’s residents. Warnings were also given advising of possible action and the threat to the tenancy should the behaviour go unchanged.

The tenant refused to cooperate and, following an incident currently under criminal investigation – preventing the revealing of the tenant’s identity – the council applied for the closure order.

Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for communities, safety and justice

“After the tenant had subjected neighbours to months of totally unacceptable grief, the flat has been closed, by court order, meaning that nobody is allowed to enter it for three months.

“The order will give the neighours much-needed respite, and allow them to resume the sort of quiet, ordered life they have a right to expect in the place they call home.

“This case is further proof that the council will always take robust action to bring to a halt antisocial behaviour and nuisance where early intervention is unsuccessful.”

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