Council brings grounds maintenance back in-house

A new plan to improve grounds maintenance in Croydon has got underway as the service is brought back in house by the council.

The service cares for 127 parks and green spaces across the borough, as well as grass verges and hedges.

The service to enhance and preserve the public spaces will be provided directly by Croydon Council as employees previously working for the contractor will become members of council staff.

The more adaptable service is designed to help residents make the most of facilities near them.

The service is responsible for maintaining all council-owned parks and green spaces as well as public verges across Croydon.

“By delivering this service directly to residents we can improve how we direct and shape work.

“We will have more control over what works to carry out and when work will go ahead as we deliver services directly to residents.

“The council is well-placed to listen to and respond quickly to communities, helping them make the most of their parks and open spaces.”

Councillor Stuart Collins, deputy leader – Clean Green Croydon

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