Council and community leaders launch Croydon Equalities Pledge

Croydon Council, together with community partners, has launched the Croydon Equalities Pledge to unite businesses and organisations across Croydon in working towards a more inclusive borough.

Organisations of every size, set-up and sector in Croydon are encouraged to adopt the pledge – you can sign up on our website.

The pledge aims to make sure all those living and working in Croydon are treated equally and fairly, and covers all protected characteristics including; disabilities, faith, gender, age, sexual orientation and race.

This is the first of two pledges recently set out by the council – the George Floyd Race Matters Pledge will launch in May with a specific focus on the experiences of residents of African, Caribbean, and African Latin heritage.

The Croydon Equalities Pledge is made up of 10 workplace activities, including mandatory equalities and bias training, fairer recruitment processes, and reasonable adjustments for disabled people. These were developed with input from residents and community groups.

As a community leader the council will lead on the pledges, though their ownership lies with the council’s community partners who will continue to support and adopt the pledges within their own organisations.

Participating organisations are encouraged to commit to a minimum of three activities per year to create steady change. Through these concrete actions they can make a real difference to ensure everyone is treated equally.

Today, on International Women’s Day, local businesses, organisations, partners, residents, school pupils and staff gathered in the town hall to launch the Croydon Equalities Pledge. This included contributions from community organisations and local councillors, speaking on the importance of coming together to put the pledge into action.

More detail on the pledge and how to support it can be found on the council website.

The council looks forward to working together with communities to create long-lasting change. As the pledges are adopted, the council and partners hope to make #ActionsNotJustWords a reality for Croydon.

Councillor Manju Shahul-Hameed, cabinet member for communities, safety and business recovery said:

“The Croydon Equalities Pledge and the tangible workplace activities it includes are a solid step towards ensuring no Croydon resident is discriminated against on the basis of their faith, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or other protected characteristic.

“I am proud to see local businesses and organisations come together to drive change and ensure those in their communities are treated fairly and equally. I hope many more will join them and the council in adopting the pledge.”

Andrew Brown, chief executive officer for Croydon BME Forum said:

“Everyone in Croydon deserves to be treated fair and equally, but this change cannot come from individuals alone. Employers and other local organisations can make a real difference by committing to the workplace activities set out in the Croydon Equalities Pledge.

“The BME Forum and its members have long worked towards a more inclusive borough – we hope other local organisations will join us in signing up and signalling their support for our shared vision of a fairer Croydon for all.”

Barnabas Shelbourne, chief executive for Legacy Youth Zone said:

“Being part of Croydon’s Equality Pledge means that, along with other local organisations, we commit to fairness, equality and opportunities for all regardless of their background including race, religion, or gender.

“It is important for us to take action now and show the next generation that positive change can and will happen when it comes to discrimination, racism and unconscious bias. At Legacy Youth Zone, we’re committed to this Equality Pledge for our staff, volunteers and young people’s futures across Croydon.”

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