Council adopts Old Town masterplan

Croydon has adopted a new masterplan for its Old Town district, which sets out the role the area will play in the wider regeneration of Croydon town centre, and provides guidance for future developments.

It outlines the importance of high quality development that will respect and enhance the historic environment of the area, and focuses on improving streets and public spaces, as well as upgrading pedestrian and cycling routes.

Old Town is centred round Croydon’s historic core and contains several iconic heritage assets, including three conservation areas, Croydon Minster, Surrey Street pumping station, Surrey Street Market, and Old Palace School, the former 10th century residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury for more than 500 years.

Following consultation with the local community, the Old Town Masterplan was produced by the council working with a consultant team led by Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners and including ARUP, Adams and Sutherland, Colliers and Gardiner and Theobald.

It is a supplementary planning document (SPD) that is part of the Croydon Local Plan and has the following strategic objectives for Old Town:

• Preserve, enhance and reveal the heritage assets and historic environment of Old Town
• Provide high quality public realm
• Create attractive and safe walking and cycling routes
• Build new homes that are integrated sensitively with the historic environment
• A place where independent and niche retail and business start-ups can flourish


“We’re proud of our Old Town district and recognise the important role it plays in the regeneration of Croydon.

“Therefore we have adopted a new masterplan for Croydon’s Old Town which focuses on preserving its heritage while ensuring it is an area of high quality developments and a place for businesses to thrive.”
Councillor Alison Butler, cabinet member for homes and regeneration


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