Committee to consider revised Streetspace scheme for Crystal Palace

A council committee will meet in February to consider updated recommendations for a scheme set up to encourage walking and cycling in Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace and South Norwood Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) currently reduces through traffic on five local streets using planters and a bus gate.

Recommendations for a replacement scheme came to committee on 12 January, but no decision was reached at that time.

At the Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) meeting on 15 February, councillors will discuss updates to a report, which includes the results of a recent consultation as well as recommendations for an experimental, 12-month replacement scheme.

This hopes to address many of the concerns of the current LTN by using camera-enforced closures in place of planters to allow better access for emergency vehicles and local residents.

Today’s announcement also seeks to ensure that further exemptions for affected groups – such as school staff – are considered, and would explore whether there could be an impact from the recent court judgement quashing the guidance for London boroughs participating in the Streetspace programme.

Following further comments from local residents and councillors at the January meeting, updates to the recommendations for a new experimental scheme are expected to include exemptions for recognised car clubs, providing an alternative to personal car ownership.

In addition, there will be a recommendation on expanding permit access for caregivers of residents receiving home care, and staff from local schools. Taxis would be permitted to drive through the proposed bus gate on Auckland Road.

Today’s announcement will also see the current planters and bus gate removed within the coming days, leading to a return to through traffic.

“Whatever we do next with this scheme needs to be done right, and serve our objectives to reduce unnecessary car journeys and increase walking and cycling. I look forward to deliberating an updated set of recommendations that takes into consideration more local concerns, and clarifies the TfL judgement.”

Councillor Muhammad Ali, cabinet member for sustainable Croydon

If the updated recommendations are accepted following the TMAC meeting, further consultation would be carried out and the result of these studies would be considered before any decision is made about making the scheme permanent.

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