Collections of old recycling boxes begin next week

Residents who want their old recycling boxes collected after receiving new bins should put their boxes out for collection on Monday.

The boxes will be collected separately to recycling and waste and this may be on a different day.

Residents who want the old boxes collected should leave them empty, with the lid inside, at the kerbside on Monday 24 September.

The boxes will be collected over the next two weeks. If residents do not want their boxes collected, they should not leave them in the front garden during this period.

The recycling boxes will not be collected from properties that did not receive new bins.

Councillor Nina Degrads, deputy cabinet member for clean, green Croydon, said: “We are collecting bins from hundreds of properties across the borough over the next two weeks.

“If you want your old recycling box collected please empty it and leave it at the edge of your property.

“Of course you are welcome to keep your blue boxes for another purpose if you want but make sure they are not left somewhere the collection team may think they are meant to be taken away.”

More than 200,000 new bins have been delivered across the borough with 75% of properties changing collection day. This is to try and help boost the borough’s recycling rate to 50% over the next two years.

Residents can check their collection day and report any missed collections online.

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