Choose Your Future: You’re hired, council tells 24 apprentices

Croydon Council has this week welcomed 24 new apprentices as part of a campaign to create more training and job opportunities for local residents and particularly young people.

The new recruits arrived at council headquarters on Wednesday – just as the council officially launched its Choose Your Future campaign, encouraging young people to make positive life choices while creating more opportunities for them to succeed.

The first of its kind in Croydon, the council’s new apprenticeship programme has been developed through the economic growth team with Croydon Works supporting in the recruitment of local residents. It offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone keen to kick-start their career by gaining qualifications and valuable experience while still getting paid.

Although previously the council has offered apprenticeships, this is the first time a large group has been recruited to start at the same time. The programme is being developed and coordinated at a corporate level and is designed to ensure apprentices are given a wide range of opportunities outside their day to day responsibilities.

While working at the council for a minimum 12-month contract, the 24 new apprentices will have the opportunity to gain level 2-4 qualifications in one of nine subject areas, ranging from building surveying to youth work. They will work with experienced staff, gain skills on the job, have time to study and get paid a training salary with holiday pay.

The council apprenticeship programme is open to all those living or studying in Croydon aged 16 plus. For more information visit or contact

Emily Colwill, a level three apprentice studying business administration in the council’s Croydon Works team, described the benefits of being an apprentice: “So far I have enjoyed being able to get involved with the vast range of opportunities that are available, not only in my team but with neighbouring teams and colleagues.

“This scheme benefits young people because there are so many chances for them to develop. It allows them to join a large organisation with other individuals who are in the same position as them, making them feel more comfortable. To summarise, this scheme is definitely beneficial to young people and their career development.”

Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for economy and jobs

“A huge welcome to our 24 apprentices – I’m really pleased to see so many people get a step up through this programme. I hope these are the first of many council apprenticeships and that the skills and experience they gain help them on their career path.”



Councillor Alisa Flemming, cabinet member for children, young people and learning

“Everyone has a role to play in Choose Your Future – local businesses organisations like the council can support young people by creating opportunities that will help them to get a job and succeed. Through this apprenticeship programme we are offering them the opportunity to improve their career prospects and I want to encourage other local businesses and organisations to do the same – it could make a real difference to their future.”

The apprentices will be working at the council between 12 and 24 months and we are offering apprenticeships in a wide variety of qualifications (Level 2 to Level 4) including: Building Surveying , Project Management, Finance and Accounting, Youth Work, Cultural Heritage, Community Arts, Customer Service, Business Administration, Health and Social Care 

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