Take part in Census 2021 and help shape Croydon’s future

Croydon Council is encouraging all its residents to fill out the once-in-a-decade survey that provides a snapshot of every person and household in the country.

Census Day takes place on Sunday 21st March, and by taking part you can help inform us of the need for various services in your area. The census will also shed light on the needs of different groups and communities, and the inequalities some people are experiencing. This will be particularly significant considering the effects of the pandemic on future planning. Without this information it will be more difficult to understand the community’s current needs and to plan and fund public services, new schools, doctors’ surgeries, nursery spaces or bike lanes for the future.

Ahead of ‘Census Day’ the Office for National Statistics is in the process of sending out letters to every resident with an access code and instructions. As soon as you get this you can fill your census details in online. Census 2021 will be digital first, meaning residents are encouraged to complete it online, though paper copies will be available on request for those who need them.

There will also be a host of other support services to make sure the census is as accessible and inclusive as possible. This includes guidance and support in many languages and formats and a contact centre for help over the phone. Help will also be available to residents through local support centres located across Croydon with trained staff to answer questions and help complete forms.

To find out more about the help available or details of your nearest support centre, please visit www.census.gov.uk or call free on 0800 141 2021.

The last census held 10 years ago helped create Croydon’s first borough profile which provides a comprehensive overview that helps with the commissioning of services, identifies gaps in service provision and helps establish the community’s ethnic make-up. The 2011 Census also produced useful reports and data by ward and age-group profiles.

“It’s really important that every resident completes this survey to help us better understand the make-up of our communities and tailor our services to need.

I urge everyone to participate as your information will help provide the most complete picture of Croydon as possible, which will be vital in helping the council make the right plans for the future and to make the case for getting the resources we need.”

Councillor David Wood, cabinet member for communities, safety and resilience

You must complete the census by law or you could be fined up to £1,000. However, some questions are labelled as voluntary and it is not an offence if you do not answer these.

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