Caring for our residents and protecting local services

Croydon’s budget for the next financial year will prioritise caring for the most vulnerable residents and protecting vital local services, as the council rises to meet national challenges through strong financial management and innovation.

Looking after older residents and young people are top priorities for Croydon Council, while ensuring that local people have access to decent, affordable homes, good schools and local libraries.

To achieve this and deliver the services that local people have said are important to them, the council is proposing a 1.99% increase in its part of council tax for 2020/21.

The government’s 2% adult social care levy would also be implemented to ensure the older people and the most vulnerable continue to get the help they need.

“Croydon, like councils across the UK, is struggling to balance a rising demand for services with a decade of severe cuts which has reduced our Government grant by 70%. In particular, demand for children’s and adult social care has reached unprecedented levels without the funds to pay for it.

“Croydon also has some exceptional costs that impact its budget – this year alone the council must make up a £9m shortfall in funding to look after unaccompanied asylum-seeking children because the Government’s National Transfer Scheme simply isn’t working.

“But despite these huge financial challenges we are proud to be able to deliver a balanced budget, increase council reserves and continue to look after for our elderly and most vulnerable residents while protecting value for money local services from cuts.

“This is down to the council’s approach of strong financial management, and looking at new and innovative ways of service delivery. Through our preventative and targeted early intervention work with our partners in Croydon’s localities, we are supporting residents who need help at the earliest opportunity, delivering services in the right place at the right time.”

Councillor Simon Hall, cabinet member for finance and resources

The council will publish a report on its proposed budget for 2020/21 tomorrow with the papers for Scrutiny and Overview on 10 February. The budget will go to the council’s cabinet for approval on 24 February and then to full council for ratification on 2 March.

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