Cabinet recommends adoption of planning document on suburban development

Croydon Council is set to be one of the first authorities in the capital to adopt planning policy specifically to help guide the delivery of high quality new homes in the borough’s suburban areas to help tackle the housing crisis.

The council’s Cabinet approved the draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD2) with the decision set to be ratified by the full council at its meeting next week.

The Suburban Design Guide responds to the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework, and policies in the emerging London Plan. It supports the policies adopted in Croydon’s 2018 Local Plan and will guide the delivery of around 10,000 of the borough’s target of 32,890 new homes by 2036.

SPD2, if adopted, will provide guidance for suburban residential development, as well as guidance for the new areas of focused intensification and house extensions and alterations.

It would be a tool for developers and residents, offering guidance on best practice when it comes to design quality, while minimising the impact on neighbours of any development.

The new document would be used to help assess planning applications. It would also help identify and frame opportunities where increased densities can enhance and bring benefit to communities.

The adoption of SPD2 would mean planning applications would be determined using detailed and area-specific guidance and would help improve the quality of developments coming forward in the suburbs.

“We have a housing crisis in London and we need to build many thousands more homes to ensure everyone has a decent quality home.

“Many of these will be built in the suburbs, either between or behind existing homes, or replacing older properties.

“These places will evolve over time to become home for a wider mix of people and families while retaining their essential character and sense of place.

“SPD2 provides guidance for the whole borough, and should be used by residents, developers, builders and agents including architects and consultants in shaping proposals and it will assist in making decisions on planning applications.

“I am delighted the draft SPD2 has already been shortlisted for the Planning Awards ‘Award for Planning for Increased Housing Delivery’, demonstrating just how important this document will be.”

Councillor Paul Scott, cabinet lead for environment, transport and regeneration

The draft SPD2 was consulted on between September and October last year, with representations made shaping the final document.

Cabinet recommended council approve the adoption of SPD2 at its meeting on Monday 1 April.

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