Borough-wide 20mph limits approved for Croydon

Croydon will have 20mph limits across the borough after a council committee last night (Tuesday) approved proposals to include the three areas not yet covered.

Members of the council’s Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) approved 20mph for areas 3, 4 and 5 – covering north-west, south-east and south-west Croydon. These join areas 1 and 2 – the north of the borough and the north-west respectively – that went live with 20mph last September and in March. The 20mph limits cover every street in the borough except bus routes and major through roads, and the three remaining areas will now go live by May 2018.

In 2015, the council divided the borough into five areas and began consulting the public on changing the speed limit to improve road safety and the local environment.  At Tuesday’s meeting, TMAC considered feedback received during the statutory consultation held in January and February before making its decision. Also agreed was a list of roads that would not become 20mph because it would be impracticable.

Shifa Mustafa, executive director for the council’s place department, said: “This decision now means we can complete this 20mph limit across the whole borough to make our roads safer for everyone.”

The roads included in the new changes will have 20mph signs, and drivers caught speeding by police can expect fines, points on their licence or even prosecution. On several roads where 20mph has already been implemented, the council has installed number plate recognition speed visors. These record drivers’ speeds, and relevant data is passed to the Metropolitan Police. If speeding remains an issue, options could include traffic calming measures as well as police enforcement.


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