Be prepared to keep safe in the hot weather

Residents are being urged to look after themselves and others who may not be able to cope in the hot weather forecast for Croydon in the coming week.

With temperatures expected to rise to around 30 degrees, people should keep an eye on the daily temperature and follow NHS guidance to keep safe and healthy as they enjoy the sunshine.

The heat can affect anyone, but some people run a greater risk of serious harm. It is important to keep yourself safe in the hot weather. Also, look out for older people and others who may struggle to cope in the heat, like children, those with chronic health conditions and animals.

By following essential NHS guidance, you can stay well and know what to do if you or someone else becomes dehydrated or unwell as a result of the rising temperatures.

The top tips in the NHS guidance include:

  • Drink plenty of water to keep cool and hydrated – carry water with you if you are outside
  • Try to avoid being outside for long periods between 11am and 3pm, which is the hottest part of the day
  • When outside, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen regularly and wear a wide-brimmed hat and cool clothes
  • Look out for those who may struggle to keep themselves cool and hydrated – older people, those with underlying health conditions and those who live alone are particularly at risk
  • Close curtains or blinds on rooms that face the sun to keep indoor spaces cooler and remember it may be cooler outdoors than indoors
  • Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals
  • Look out for signs of dehydration such as increased thirst, a dry mouth, dark urine, and urinating infrequently or small amounts. Serious dehydration needs urgent medical attention.

Be on the lookout for signs of heat related illness and get help if needed by calling NHS 111 or dial 999 in an emergency.

You can find more hot weather advice on the Croydon Council website.

Rachel Flowers, Croydon’s director of public health, said: “It is great to see the sun in Croydon this week, and I am sure more of you will be enjoying our parks and open spaces. However, we all need to be mindful and keep safe as very hot temperatures can bring on some health challenges. It is best to avoid getting too hot in the first place. Try to plan ahead if you are going outside and follow the NHS guidance to ensure you are protected from the heat. Do look out for family, friends or neighbours who may struggle in the heat or if they are isolated or unable to care for themselves. Make sure they have what they need and are able to keep cool during a heatwave.”



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