BBC London report on flooding

Croydon Council has been recognised nationally as having been exemplary in dealing with the floods in Purley in February. Despite this, BBC London chose to broadcast two unfounded criticisms on TV and radio recently alleging that efforts to pump water and minimise flood damage had ‘backfired’ and that the council was at fault for compensation payments being ‘delayed’.

In response to a formal complaint the BBC has admitted that its choice of words was misleading: “We accept that more consideration should have been given to the use of the word ‘backfired’ because it might be taken to imply the Council’s strategy to deal with the flooding had the opposite effect to what was intended.”

Regarding a resident’s claim the council had somehow delayed payment of rent and renewal grants it was explained that the grant process can only move ahead once insurance claims have been settled between householders and their insurers. This is beyond the council’s control.

Once again the BBC admitted their report was less than clear on this matter. “We do accept that we could have given more detail about what had caused the compensation delay and how that was out of the Council’s hands.”



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