Are you Croydon's best apprentice?

The best apprentices in Croydon will be honoured at an event designed to highlight the values of a modern apprenticeship – and they will be able to hear from one of the country’s most famous former apprentices.
The inaugural Croydon Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony will take place in Fairfield on Wednesday 11 March, and feature Bianca Miller, who gained national fame on the TV series The Apprentice.
Focusing on advanced and higher apprentices, the ceremony will highlight the quality of apprenticeships as well as the progression opportunities available to former apprentices.
There is still a chance for local apprentices to show that they are the best in Croydon.To enter the competition, apprentices must upload a five-minute video to YouTube, explaining why their placement and employer offers the best experience.
The winning video should describe the employer and apprentice experience, include a skills demonstration and explain the benefits both to the apprentice and employers.
Apprentices who wish to participate in the graduation ceremony or enter the competition must:
1. be doing a Level 3 or 4 apprenticeship placement;
2. have completed the Level 3 or 4 in 2014, or have done so before 28 February 2015; and
3. live and/or work in the borough of Croydon.
Entries close on Friday 27 February.
“In addition to celebrating our local apprentices, the graduation ceremony will provide a real opportunity to engage the wider community, and create a feeling of pride among the apprentices’ families and friends, as well as reaching out to new audiences.
“I’m confident the ceremony will help engage employers and young people who may not have previously considered an apprenticeship, and highlight an apprenticeship’s quality and value.”
Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council
Miss Miller said: “I’m pleased to be speaking at Croydon’s first ceremony to celebrate the individuals who have gained their apprenticeship qualification.
“I’ve learnt from my experience of hiring apprentices what a valuable addition they can be to a business.
“More importantly, the apprentice is able to gain a rewarding experience with an unrivalled on-the-job training opportunity, learning from experienced colleagues who are more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise.
“I’d always encourage anyone considering an apprenticeship to grab the opportunity with both hands and see what doors it will open for them.
”To enter the competition, upload the video and send the link to the address below. Please provide your name, apprenticeship and contact details. Competition closes at midnight on 27 February 2015.
Prizes include:
1st prize – iPad & £200 high-street vouchers
2nd prize – Google Nexus & £100 high-street vouchers
3rd prize – iPod & £50 high-street vouchers
To book a place at the ceremony and/or enter the competition email
For more information, call 020 8760 5666 or 020 8667 8311.
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