Action taken to promote greener journeys across Croydon

Plans to help and encourage drivers to start and continue making more sustainable journeys across Croydon are set to be considered by the council’s cabinet as part of Croydon’s ambitions to become London’s greenest borough.

The schemes build on existing successes and introduce new initiatives to encourage residents, visitors and businesses in the borough to take more, greener journeys.

Plans include expanding the successful and multi-award-winning School Streets scheme, designing new public spaces so it is easier and safer to walk and cycle and introducing discounted parking permits for low emission vehicles.

The greener initiatives are designed to help the environment and people’s health, as well as tackle air pollution across the borough.

One option being considered proposes offering residents a substantial discount on the cost of parking permits if they drive the least polluting cars.

Proposed new residents parking fees fall in to five bands based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions. Those in the greenest band would only cost £6.50 for the annual parking permit.

As part of these measure the council will be consulting on increasing the cost of a residents’ parking permit for vehicles with higher CO2 emissions.

Other long-term proposals include using parking data alongside satnavs and smart city technology to direct drivers to parking spaces, cutting down on congestion and drivers circling neighbourhoods, and improving mobile payment options for on-street parking spaces and car parks to introduce environmental discounts at these locations.

The draft plans are intended to support other efforts by the council to improve air quality across Croydon as everyone is encouraged to make healthier and more sustainable journey choices.

If approved by the cabinet the consultation will begin in May.

“We want to make it easier and more cost-effective for residents to travel in environmentally-friendly ways.

“We have led the way with some of our green initiatives including introducing pedestrian areas around schools and we are always looking to build on these successes.”

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet lead for environment and transport

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